Heineken "Edition Limitée 2018"
In 2018, I received an invitation by the parisian agency Rosbeef, to illustrate the Portuguese bottle for Heineken's Limited Edition released only France.

Illustration / Packaging


Novum: World of Graphic Design — Non-Profit Issue
A  moiré pattern to represent the Non-Profit concept — determined by human trust, exchanges and communication. Project featured on the book "MIN: The New Simplicity in Graphic Design" published by prestigious Thames&Hudson.

Art Direction / Graphic Design / Illustration


Managing a "Parametric Font Workshop" in Darmstadt
Visual exploration during a lecture/workshop I managed along my colleague
 Alexis Launay, while working on Prototypo,  in H_DA / FB G — University of Applied Sciences / Faculty of Design — Darmstadt.

Teaching / Lecture 

 A Unique Branding
While working on Prototypo I had the pleasure to direct and collaborate with Luca Murat and Hugo Marucco, on the identity of their new product — A perfect tool to get a custom font in a few steps. 

Art Direction / Graphic Design / User Interface


A 4-Start Hotel Rebrand — Hotel Pérola * * * * Cape Verde
The architecture became a bespoke visual system (symbol, typography, signage, pattern) for the Hotel, located in one of the noble areas of the Capital — Santiago — that intended to be a symbol of sophistication and refinement.

Art Direction / Branding / Typography / Signage & Way-Finding

Assembling stuff in Lyon ☀

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