DJ Player — Interludes —

A different emotional outburst.



If the art of storytelling has come hand in hand with Hip-Hop it would be legitimate to a producer to aspire to tell his own adventures, personal achievements and sorrows, far from the mixtape universe and away from the contribution of MC's.
"Interludes" is DJ Player's debut album, more than a simple instrumental album every track sets a different mood, a different emotional outburst of personal and professional memories and ambitions, proving that there's still untouched ground in today's contemporary music scene.
Moving through Trip Hop and 90's Rap sounds, revisiting known spaces from Electronic to Jazz music, these interludes are the mirror of what we expect from Hip-Hop's upcoming years in a versatile, transversal and innovative album. Although slowly transported to the XX century last decade's tradition and culture, any eclectic but keen listener testifies to the relevant place that the portuguese producer will occupy in today's urban music scene.


Studio — MAAN Design
Client — DJ Player
Art Direction & Design — Pedro Lima Ferreira & Vitor Claro