Re-Levant, a Tel Aviv-based design studio invited us [MAAN] for is an interesting exhibition, to celebrate the new website. The exhibition was dedicated to posters that were sent to them from 30 different designers.
”To promote our new website, we decided to curate this exhibition with talented graphic designers from around the world. We wanted to do something special for the launch” —  Noam Chen (Re-Levant Designer)

Kollor Sweden | Toormix Spain | For Good Measure New York | Johnny Lee New York | Andrea Novali Italy | Human After All London | Fons Hickmann Berlin | yeye Mexico | MAAN Portugal | Marco Ugolini Netherlands | Greco Design  Brasil | Sam Lane Design UK | Blok Design Canada | Base Design Switzerland | Finger and Toe Taiwan | Snask Sweden | Koby Barhad London | Design Reform Council Thailand | Eps51 Berlin

Nadav Barkan | Ofer Lehr | Avisar Goldman | Avisar Goldman |  Avraham Cornfeld | Afik Naim | Yotam Hadar | Eitam Tubul | Michael Mcdevitt | Oded Ben Yehuda | UBER



Year |  2014