Art Director & Graphic Design

I work with ambitious brands all around the world both large and small. My strategic approach aim is to help clients elevate brand visibility and their unique assets to reach market growth for a contemporary and demanding audience.

I genuinely believe that the design's core is knowledge, a certain degree of risk and personal commitment.


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Skype @pedrolima.ferreira


Art Direction
Brand Design
Visual Identity
Book Design
Social Media


Teaching ¶ "Parametric Font Workshop" at H_DA / FB G – University of Applied Sciences Faculty of Design, Darmstadt, Germany  2018

Exhibited ¶ 36 Days of Type, Barcelona, Spain 2016 ¶ Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño, Madrid, Spain 2014

Published ¶ IdN: Pattern Making, 2017 ¶ MIN: The New Simplicity in Graphic Design, Thames&Hudson, 2016 ¶ Portugal by Design, silvadesigners, 2015 ¶ Print Matters, viction:ary, 2015 ¶ Crests & Shields Book, Counter-Print, 2015 ¶ Novum 01.15 Magazine, Novum, 2015

Also featured on CO.Design,Slate, Behance, Etapes, Fubiz, Graphis, LeBook, &c.

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