Art Director & Graphic Design

I work with ambitious brands all around the world both large and small. By focusing on a strategic (concept-driven) approach I help clients elevate brand visibility and their unique assets to reach market growth for a contemporary and demanding audience.

I genuinely believe that the design's core is knowledge, a certain degree of risk and personal commitment.


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Skype @pedrolima.ferreira


Art Direction
Brand Design
Visual Identity
Book Design
Social Media


Teaching ¶ "Parametric Font Workshop" at H_DA / FB G – University of Applied Sciences Faculty of Design, Darmstadt, Germany  2018

Exhibited ¶ 36 Days of Type, Barcelona, Spain 2016 ¶ Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño, Madrid, Spain 2014

Published ¶ IdN: Pattern Making, 2017 ¶ MIN: The New Simplicity in Graphic Design, Thames&Hudson, 2016 ¶ Portugal by Design, silvadesigners, 2015 ¶ Print Matters, viction:ary, 2015 ¶ Crests & Shields Book, Counter-Print, 2015 ¶ Novum 01.15 Magazine, Novum, 2015

Also featured on CO.Design,Slate, Behance, Etapes, Fubiz, Graphis, LeBook, &c.

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